About Us

At Our Core, We Strive for Total Transparency & Ethical Business Practices


We’re a local business, and Vermont is a wonderful place to build relationships with other small producers and companies. We source local foods as much as possible, which reflects mostly within all the dairy and maple products we use in our confections.

We employ direct-trade practices for sourcing food. When we cannot buy local food, we make sure that the source is sustainable and ethical. 

We’re a small, handcrafted, chocolate company. Our small-scale model allows us to put a lot of love and care into every bite of sweetness created in our kitchen.

A Note From Our Chocolatier

Hi! My name is Emma Rose, and I am Rosie’s chocolatier and Founder. I have cultivated a life-long passion for the culinary arts and having lived in Vermont for most of my life, I deeply value healthy eating and sustainability. I started Rosie’s Confections because I saw a great need for more quality in the food industry. It’s too often that I see products filled with additives and preservatives that should never be put in your body, ever!

My first encounter with fine Belgium confections got me absolutely hooked on making chocolates. From the sophisticated, adorable look of these confections, to the incredible flavors and textures when taking a bite…I simply found the experience so out of this world that I decided to turn this new-found obsession into my career.

The more I learn about chocolate and the cocoa industry, the more passionate I become about the subject. While chocolate is a treat that inspires joy in millions, it is sadly at the cost of children who are forced to work on cocoa farms in hazardous conditions on the other side of the supply chain. My company advocates a better world for chocolate. One where the farmers are treated with respect and live with dignity. If you are curious to learn more I have a pod cast, The Cocoa Pod Cast where I interview people from all parts of the industry in search of true sustainability! I am so grateful for the opportunity to start a conversation and share it with you.

Rosie’s Confections offers something different than the rest. Something wholesome and also absolutely delicious because these do NOT have to be mutually exclusive! My mission is to create chocolates that are sure to satisfy your need for the sweet, crunchy & creaminess we all love…without the additives and preservatives. Local, GMO-free and direct-trade ingredients are at the core of Rosie’s Confections. High quality cocoa makes us feel good when we eat it, and CBD improves our overall balance and health to help us feel great every day. Win-win.

Integrity of product = peace of mind.

My chocolates and candies are meant to be an indulgence that leave you with no guilt.

Quality. Taste. Love. Art. Passion.

This is my promise to you!

From Inspiration & Heartbreak, to Prosperity

Emma Rose, (left) & Paul Rose (right)

Paul Rose was Emma Rose’s father and mentor. Together they ventured into the cannabis industry back in 2018, with a desire to be part of the amazing revolution that was taking place, de-stigmatizing the incredible healing plant; cannabis. Throughout their business venture, Paul instilled in Emma the drive and knowledge to start her own entrepreneurial journey with a solid mindset. 

Through the many obstacles they faced building a business in CBD, Paul did not give up on his dream for a single day. He was a force of nature, always willing to inspire and empower the ones around him.

The Rose family lost Paul to cancer in December 2019.

 After losing Paul, the Rose family embarked on a journey to realize his dream of building an amazing family-run, CBD business. 

We started a CBD edibles company, with clean, infused products. Rosie’s Confection is the outcome of a strong desire to create a guilt-free indulgence, an intention for creative, artisan confections, and a deep-rooted love for the use of cannabis and its connection to the human body.

Rosie’s Confections was born amidst the craziness of a global pandemic. Forced to find other ways of selling products than supplying stores and restaurants/cafes, we streamlined our focus via-online first. In the summer of 2020, we were also blessed with the opportunity to participate in the Farmer’s markets of Vermont, and establish ourselves with our local community as well as make enough sales to hold us over the summer months.

We realigned our business to focus on high-quality, artisanal chocolates and candies made with clean ingredients and social responsibility. 

We decided to reorient ourselves from just CBD edibles to ethical chocolate in order to magnify our ability to grow and have a significant impact on both the chocolate and cannabis industry as separate commodities. We hope to lead the way by example in how a sustainable, honest, and game changing business should look like and run, and change the world for the better. 

You might think we have wild dreams but that  is the spice that makes life beautiful.

In early 2021 we found a perfect little retail location that is now Rosie’s Market & Cafe, located in the charming town of Winooski. Since our Grand Opening on Easter weekend we have expanded our offerings to specialty coffee drinks, local pastries, ice cream, CBD products, cupcakes and more! 

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Owned by Women, Run by Women

 Three generations of badass women make up the framework of Rosie’s Confections. The Rose family has a rich & dynamic history of entrepreneurship, art, hard-work, and a deep-rooted passion for learning and growth.

Three generations are coming together and creating a company built on the wisdom of the past, and a vision for a better future.

Our Vision

Rosie’s sees a future where the simple act of purchasing a product, can serve as a way to advocate for a better world. Where transparency and corporate social responsibility is an element consumers demand from their food sources, and the technology for businesses to provide that is efficient, affordable, and easy to implement. We promise to prioritize these factors in the groundwork of our practice. 

Thea (left), Emma, and Claire (right)

Our Craft

Emma became fond of working with chocolate when along her culinary journey, she attended a weekend-long masterclass on the art of making chocolate from bean to bonbon. The magical transformation from this fruit to the endless possibilities that chocolate confections hold captured her heart and inspired the creation of Rosie’s Confections.

Using her creativity and skill for the craft, Emma leads her team of chocolatiers with passion and strong values.

“A lot of care, patience and hard work goes into making our confections and I am so proud of my team for consistently producing some of the best chocolate you can find in Vermont! We are constantly evolving our craft and finding new ways to ‘wow’ our fans through innovative art and flavor.”

~ Head Chocolatier, Emma Rose

Our Mission

There is a dire need for better and more sustainable practices in the chocolate and food industries. More than just creating a product that tastes good and feels great in your body, we aim at offering guilt-free indulgence. We are conscientious of where we source our ingredients and the effect it has on all the lives involved in their supply chain. 

Our Core Values

Thoughtfulness – Everything we do aligns with our values.

Sustainability – Traditional methods of food cultivation (typically human physical labor) can lose sight of sustainability once the demand is too large. In order to adapt to modern-day, consumer demands, we must use science and sustainable forms of technology that can ensure quality in final products. It is not okay that behind any of our food there is child labor or an ever-growing slave trade. Yet, this is how rising demands are met, more times than not. We want to change that.

Fair wages – Everyone in the supply chain needs to get paid for their work. It’s not okay for large, trading companies to rake in huge amounts of profit at the cost of the livelihoods of farmers who are the ones doing the real work. At Rosie’s Confections, we make sure direct-trade practices are used by all our sources of ingredients and materials we use.

Quality of life – starts at the workplace. We believe everyone can thrive when doing work they love. We empower self-care and passion because we believe it is the secret recipe for joy, and sincere work. All our products are made with the wellbeing of our customers in mind. Indulging in the novel food that is chocolate does not have to come at the cost of your health, so we use only clean, quality ingredients! 

It’s very hard today to know whether or not a food is ethically sourced with all the misleading labels like “natural” or “earth friendly” to name a few. We are completely transparent with our ingredients and values, and we hope this will establish trust and give peace of mind to our customers.  

We know you care about the planet, human life, and spreading joy.

We do too!

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