About Us

At Our Core, We Aim for Total Transparency & High Standards


Small Batch Artisanal Confections

Flavour, style, and quality.

This is what artisanal small batch chocolate making means to us. We take meticulous care in every step of the process, from sourcing our ingredients, to creating every piece into works of art.

There is love and passion behind every bite, and we make sure your experience eating one of Rosie’s Confections is nothing less than a delightful & unforgettable one!

Looking Forward to a Sustainable Chocolate Industry

We pride ourselves in how we select our ingredients. We buy directly from craft chocolate makers who source the most ethically farmed and delicious cocoa beans.

The connection with the cocoa farmers through this small supply chain ensures that everyone gets paid fairly for their hard work, and you in turn, get to enjoy the highest quality of product.

Quality of Ingredients

We use pure ingredients such as cocoa butter & organic pure cane sugar, and stay far away from additives that are too commonly found in chocolates made by big manufacturers. We believe in giving you the best of the best, and we don’t cheap out on quality, ever.

Transparency is at the core of everything we do. We believe that showing you rather than making emptly claims is the only way to gain your trust which is why we are currently looking into a way to showcase our entire supply chain on a real-time updated platform. A platform where you would be able to see the source of all ingredient found in our confections, as they are being made! 

Wide Variety of Nutrients and Health Benefits

Feel good eating it, feel good after eating it.

CBD is known for its beneficial effects on the body long term. What some might not know, is that chocolate also has numerous heatlh benefits! High quality cocoa is a powerful source of antioxidants, is known to improve mental clarity and WILL improve just about anyone’s mood when consumed! 

We make sure that the quality of our ingredients doesn’t take away from any of these incredible properties the way mainstream chocolate does. Our chocolates are designed through and through to make you feel GREAT in your body! 

Vermont Grown and Processed Hemp

The CBD we use comes from Northeast Hemp Commodities.

This wonderful operation provides full transparency in their seed to product model using all Vermont grown hemp. We use their high quality broad spectrum CBD distillate (containing no detectable THC) to infuse all our chocolate confections!


The People


Emma Rose

Co-Founder & Head Chocolatier

Emma has cultivated a life-long passion for the culinary arts and having lived in Vermont for most of her life, she deeply values healthy eating and sustainability. She sees a great need for more quality in the food industry, as too often products are filled with additives and preservatives that should never be put in your body.

Her first encounter with fine Belgium confections got her hooked onto chocolate. From the sophisticated and adorable look of these artisan delicacies, to their incredible flavors and textures when taking a bite, Emma found the experience so out of this world that she decided to turn this newfound obsession into her career.

Rosie’s Confections offers something different than the rest. Something wholesome and also absolutely delicious. A chocolate that is sure to satisfy your need for the sweet, crunchy and creaminess we all love…without the additives and preservatives. Organic, local, GMO-free and direct-trade ingredients are at the core of Rosie’s Confections. Emma strongly emphasizes sustainability and transparency in all that she does. High quality cocoa makes you feel good when you eat it, and CBD improves your overall balance and health to help you feel great every day. 

Integrity of product = peace of mind.

Her chocolates are meant to be an indulgence that leave you with no guilt. 

Quality. Taste. Love. Art. Passion. 

This is her promise to you.

Run by Women

Three generations of badass women make up the framework of Rosie’s Confections. The Rose Family has a rich & dynamic history of entrepreneurship, art, hard-work, and a deep-rooted passion for learning and growth.

Three generations are coming together and creating a company built on the wisdom of the past, and a vision for a better furure.