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Disrupting the chocolate industry since 2020

That’s right! We’re brand new. Still just a baby. What makes us unique, is that from day one, we have advocated sustainability, healthy eating, and ethical business practices. We refuse to cut corners to increase our profits, and we will not deceive with our branding simply to gain a customer.⁠⠀
Everything we do, we do deliberately.⁠⠀

We have employed transparency and honesty from day one, and will always carry forth this way.

Our company was born amidst a global pandemic. A time where through the chaos, we have been able to reflect on the things that truly matter. Beauty on earth. Compassion for a friend. Love for the planet. Change for a better future. Care for the self. 

We embody these values and believe that a deliberate change in the way we consume is the change the world so desperately needs.

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Shipping Chocolates Across the USA!

Fun Fact: Chocolate melts at 90 degrees, which is why the moment you take a bite from the crisp and shinny bar, your body melts the solids in a perfect, creamy and delicious way. It’s what makes eating chocolate such a perfectly satisfying experience!

The Art of Shipping Chocolate

Most of use have experienced the loss a delicious bar of chocolate due to leaving it somewhere a little too warm. Much to your despair, the treat you were looking forward to eating later, has melted beyond return. Perhaps you kept a bar in your pocket for too long. Maybe you left it in the warm glove compartment of your car…Melting chocolate is a problem all business owners in the industry must face. It can get very tricky to ship our goods to you during the heat of the summer months and make sure they arrive in perfect shape. This is why next day air is often the preferred method, and we fill your box with things like ice packs and insulation wrap.

Of course this is not something most chocolate lovers think about when ordering their favourite treats online, so it’s our job to educate you. Free shipping does not exist, even though big companies like Amazon have conditioned you to believe it does. When shipping perishable goods like chocolates, the care and extra precautions that must be taken can get pricey, and most businesses cannot absorb the cost without taking a major loss.

Every chocolate business must have a sophisticated shipping policy in place to ensure the best methods are in practice! To understand how we handle it, read about our shipping policy below.



I truly fell in love with chocolate the first time I tasted real quality confections from Switzerland and Belgium. Despite how complex it is to make this amazing food, from the cocoa tree to the chocolate bar, it is clear that chocolate makes the world go ‘round, and makes life just a little bit more bearable and joyful in hard times! Almost everyone loves chocolate and for me there’s no better feeling than making someone happy when they eat something I’ve put my heart and soul into creating.

– Emma Rose

Proud Member!