Shipping Policy

All of our products are handmade small batch confections. We make each batch to order and lead times tend to be 3-5 business days after we get your order. To guarantee freshness we only ship Monday through Thursday, so please take that in consideration when placing an order for certain delivery dates.

We do not ship to P.O. boxes. 

Shipping rates

There is nothing worse than getting slapped with a shipping fee at checkout that costs almost as much as your order itself. Because of this we have decided to put in place a flat rate shipping of $12.00 for all orders shipped with USPS 2-day priority, which is the minimum that it ever costs for us to ship any size package. 

All orders over $200 are eligible for free shipping!

We offer shipping via Next Day Air during the warm summer months which is a desirable option considering the perishable nature of our products. 

In order to ensure that your confections arrive in perfect condition, we reserve the right to suspend the availability of USPS Priority and Next Day Air shipping from June – October. 

We only ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to make sure our chocolates reach you looking and tasting just as fresh as when it leaves our facility.

Please note that our estimated delivery timelines do not take unexpected weather delays into consideration, and weather delays may affect ship dates and arrival dates.


Holiday shipping information

Orders must be placed no later than 2 weeks prior to any holiday to guarantee arrival on time, no matter the shipping option chosen.

For orders placed any later we will try our best to get it to you in time and we recommend next day air. 

Chocolate shipping information

Shipping chocolate is a tricky art, especially during the hot summer months. We work hard to ensure that our chocolate is delivered fresh and in perfect condition. To reduce the risk of melted chocolate on all orders in transit, we will include cooling materials – ice packs and cooling wrap.

*In certain high heat conditions, we may stop shipping altogether until it cools down.

Once it is verified that the chocolate was packaged with accuracy and accepted by our shipping partners, there is no further step we can take to ensure the integrity of the package. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee any packages delivered when temperatures in your area are 70 degrees or higher and we highly suggest using next day air as your shipping choice.

If you have any questions about shipping your package, please email us at


Post-delivery instructions

To avoid your chocolates being left melting outside the door or in a mailbox, make sure that somebody will be there to receive the package as soon as possible!

Keep chocolate wrapped in it’s original container and store in a cool, dry place at 60–70°F. A refrigerator works fine as well.  Not following these storage conditions will cause chocolate to “bloom,” or develop a light-colored powdery surface on the chocolate, caused by sugar or fat crystals rising to the surface. When this happens, the chocolate is still safe to eat, but the texture will suffer. To prevent bloom, make sure the chocolate doesn’t get too warm or experience extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Returns & refunds

Please review our Return Policy.

Return Policy

We take great pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value and if at any time you are dissatisfied with a purchase please let us know the reasons for your dissatisfaction coupled with your name, address, and phone number via e-mail to