Sea Salt & Vanilla Terpsie Caramels



cane sugar, glucose syrup, invert cane syrup, heavy cream, butter, vanilla extract, sea salt, CBD distillate derived from hemp

15 caramels per bag

15mg CBD per caramel

225mg CBD total per package

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Our caramels are handcrafted in small batches with pure ingredients sourced right here in Vermont. Our cream and butter is always fresh from the farm, and our whole-spectrum CBD is made from hemp grown and processed in Vermont.

Terpenes are natural compounds responsible for most smells. They also play an important roll in the living world. The Cannabis plant naturally has many terpenes that interact with its cannabinoids. When combined you receive the most benefit from the plant. Our caramels are pleasantly terpy from the vanilla and other inclusions, which plays well with our broad spectrum CBD.

Our caramels are always THC-free, so they’re safe for everyone!

We stay away from ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and use only cane derived sugars and syrups. This comes through in the final taste which is nostalgic and purely delicious.