Rosie’s on Broadway CBD lip balm


How to use

Like any addition to your skincare routine, it is recommended to slowly introduce the lip balm into your routine. 

Apply a layer on your lips and check for any sign of irritation or discomfort. If you do not develop a reaction, you can safely continue using the lip balm. 

Just like a regular lip balm, a CBD lip balm can be applied multiple times a day. 

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The lip balm offered by Rosie’s Confections is made in collaboration with Bees on Broadway.

Rosie’s on Broadway is made of cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, beeswax, and natural chocolate flavor. 

Cocoa butter is known to soften the skin. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E to help soothe skin issues. Jojoba oil has a skin conditioning effect and olive oil is rich in antioxidants. The beeswax we add is full of vitamin A which protects the skin. Finally, the natural chocolate flavor adds a gourmet touch to the wholesome lip balm. 

Each tube contains 50mg of full-spectrum CBD because at Rosie’s Confections we want you to have the best effects. The CBD used in the lip balm comes from Vermont grown hemp. Our certificate of analysis shows no trace of pesticides, heavy metals, or mold. It also specifies that the CBD used contains less than 0.3% THC.