How long will my chocolates last?


We use all natural ingredients in our chocolates. We stay away from preservatives and use fresh and perishable ingredients such as organic butter and cream. Instead of using corn syrup (a sweetener used to prolong shelf-life), we use organic invert cane sugar. Because of this, our products last much longer than homemade confections, but still have a short-lived shelf life.

We ship out our fresh confections daily. You can expect your order to be good for 3-4 weeks after you receive it.

However, the quality and texture is best enjoyed within 2 weeks of delivery! 

Where should I store my chocolates?


Keep chocolate wrapped in it’s original container and store in a cool, dark and dry place at 60–70°F.  

Not following these storage conditions could cause the chocolate to “bloom,” or develop a light-colored powdery surface on the chocolate, caused by sugar or fat crystals rising to the surface. When this happens, the chocolate is still safe to eat, but the texture will suffer. To prevent bloom, make sure the chocolate doesn’t get too warm or experience extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Why don’t my chocolates look like the pictures on the website?


All our chocolates are handmade artisan-style. Because of this, every chocolate is its own little work of art, and each one is unique! This is why your order might not look exactly like the pictures from our website. The weight of all our confections as well as CBD content however is always uniform. It’s the decorations that can vary!

Why hasn’t my package arrived yet, despite paying for next day shipping?


Once we ship your box, which will be on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you should recieve an email indicating that your box has left our facility. If you paid for Next-Day-Air and still do not receice your package in time, we are trully sorry, but cannot be held responsible for this.

Our estimated delivery timelines do not take unexpected weather delays into consideration, and weather delays may affect ship dates and arrival dates.

For more details, please read our shipping policy; https://rosiesconfections.com/rosies-confections-shipping-policy/

I’m allergic to certain ingredients. Are your products safe for me to consume?

Rosie’s Confections processes tree-nuts, peanuts, dairy, gluten, eggs, and soy. While we are meticulous with cleaning and sanitizing our tools and surfaces between projects, we cannot guarantee there is no cross-contamination. For more information, please visit our allergens page: Allergens | Rosie’s Confections