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Vermont Chocolate Collections

Vegan Collection

~ Pure Indulgence



This festive handcrafted chocolate assortment is sure to delight all the senses. Made fine flavor chocolate and social responsibly.

Artistic. Delicious. Sustainable. Wholesome.

Included in this collection:

  • Waste no Thyme, Cherry Bomb
  • Passion Hearts (passionfruit, banana, mango, & lime)
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle

Chef’s Choice

~ A Delightful Surprise



Try some of Rosie’s chocolates, handcrafted by yours truly!

This collection is an ever-changing surprise box, filled with her favorites.

This assortment contains both CBD and non-CBD infused chocolates. All the chocolates will be described in a custom legend found inside the box!

Truffles Collection

~ A Decadent Assortment



Want to try some truffles and can’t decide which one to pick? Spoil yourself.

This collection is not for the faint of spirit- our truffle sample pack gives you the opportunity to try 4 types of our heart-melting truffles including the Vegan Dark Chocolate, Espresso Cup, Rye Whiskey, and the Bright and Bitter truffles.

Our Signature Chocolate Bites

~ When you know what you want ~

Cocoa & Vanilla

~ The Love Story



Cocoa & vanilla. A classic love story of two flavors that pair like no other. This two layered bonbon is layered with thick vanilla ganache, and milk chocolate ganache, all inside an intense dark chocolate shell.

Note from the chef, Emma Rose: “I just cant stop eating these, they are so balanced and wholesome, and quite addictive. One of my best recipes.”

Maple Buttercream Bonbon

~ A True Vermont Experience



This decadent maple buttercream fills the center of our colorful caramel chocolate bonbon shells. Made with local organic maple sugar, these are delicious treats that deliver a true Vermont experience!

Rose & Pistachio

~ A Delicate Balance



A thick, floral rose ganache sits on top of a crunchy, nutty, sweet pistachio base.

Encased by a white chocolate shell painted with festive colors, this bite is perfect for an afternoon treat paired with a cup of herbal tea.

Honey Hazelnut Log

~ Pure Decadence



This sweet and crunchy hazelnut ganache is rolled into logs, dipped in milk chocolate, and sprinkled with candied hazelnuts for an extra crunch.

Waste no Thyme, 

~ Cherry Bomb



100% VEGAN !

These dark red chocolate hearts are filled with a tangy cherry fruit filling with a hint of thyme. A flavorful combo that awakens the senses.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle

~ One for the Road



We take our finest organic dark chocolate and use a coconut cream to create these smooth truffles that melt in your mouth. Simple, wholesome and completely vegan!

Espresso Cup Truffle 

~ Morning Delight



We combine espresso and dark milk chocolate to create a smooth ganache. Dipped in our milk chocolate with a espresso shaped chocolate on top for a fine touch, these treats are best enjoyed in the morning to start the day off right.

Almond Praline Medallion

~ Crunchy. Satisfying.



Our delicate, crispy almond pralines are dipped in milk chocolate and topped with candied almonds for an extra crunch!

Pistachio Praline Medallion 

~ The Green Beauty



Our crunchy pistachio pralines are dipped in dark chocolate and topped with pistachio nuts.

Butter Pecan Truffle         

~ A Pecan Pie in a Bite



This decadent, sweet and crunchy butter pecan ganache is dipped in a delicious dark chocolate, and topped with a pecan.

Bright & Bitter Truffle

~ Fresh Sunshine



This smooth white chocolate ganache is infused with citrus and bitters to imitate a delicious mocktail called The Bright and Bitter!

Whiskey Truffle

~ Warm the Soul



Classic milk chocolate truffle with a boozy whiskey twist. Strong, bold, and delicious.

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What’s Trending…

In collaboration with Nomadic Kitchen (the best marshmallow artisan in all of Vermont), Rosie’s Confections brings you: Hot Cocoa Bombs! Made with nothing but direct-trade dark chocolate, organic cane sugar, and marshmallows, these are naturally gluten-free, and as delicious & wholesome as hot cocoa can get. Just pour hot milk over it, stir a bit, & voila!

These trendy babies come with three unique and nostalgic flavors of marshmallows:

~ Toasty Vanilla – How to take vanilla out of “traditional” territory? Enter: toasted sugar. Extra floofy and with an unexpected warmth that makes these vanilla marshmallows anything but “vanilla.”

~ Dulce De Leche – Sweet and swirled with gold. The dulce de leche, or “milk jam,” is slow-cooked for hours, taking on a complex and not overwhelmingly sweet caramel flavor. Perfect in hot chocolate.

~ Strawberry & Rose – Made with real strawberries, so they taste like real strawberries. To lead strawberry into an even more romantic-feeling realm, the marshmallows were made with a hint of rose resulting in pure magic.



Rosie’s Caramels

Sea Salt & Vanilla Bean


Our Promise to You

We keep it simple, we keep it pure.


Pure and Sustainable

We use organic and local ingredients, and none of our products contain GMOs or chemical preservatives. The truest Vermont chocolate!


Direct Trade

We source direct trade chocolate because we believe the quality of our chocolate comes from the relationships built directly between the cocoa farmers and processors.


High Quality

We select our ingredients based on quality, freshness, and taste. We only select the best to create our confections.

We're dreaming up new flavors all the time!

We're dreaming up new flavors all the time!

Chocolates good for the world and good for YOU.

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