Timeless, classic, meant to be…

Cocoa and Vanilla share a beautiful story. Both originated from Central America, and travelled the world to become popular flavors. This short story is an homage to those two lovers.

15th century, Mexico

The Totocacs of Mexico had Vanilla, the Aztecs had Cocoa. 

Both plants were regarded as having powerful health properties. Their civilizations included them in their respective religious rites, they were symbols of their culture. 

One day, the Aztecs conquered the Totonacs and forced them to provide regular tributes, among which were the vanilla pods. 

Cocoa meets Vanilla. They are united into a noble drink: xocolatl.

 16th century, Europe

The Spanish conquistadors, charmed by both Cocoa and Vanilla and their importance in the culture, offer them a trip to Europe. 

Their initial introduction in the European aristocracy is tumultuous, but eventually their undeniable assets won their hearts. 

Cocoa and Vanilla travel across Europe, then to warmer climates, in Europe’s colonies. Cocoa sets foot in Côte d’Ivoire, Vanilla in La Reunion, near Madagascar. 

They live a long distance relationship, sometimes meeting back in Europe.

19th century, Europe

Some time goes by and both slowly become worldwide renown. 

Unfortunately, their popularity comes with a silver lining. Cocoa is victim of her success, she has to work hard, to the point where she’s over-exploited. Vanilla is slicker and has a doppelgänger doing the work for him. Vanillin is happy to work for less, but he’ll never be the real thing. 

Although they both managed to keep their name in the world’s top flavors, something has changed. They are not the same as they used to be. Their identity is blurred. 

Today, worldwide

Since the industrial revolution, the public’s relationship to both Cocoa and Vanilla is unhealthy. To please the masses, they both evolved into superficial, shallow flavors. The public’s impact on their lifestyle is undeniable. 

After years of being taken for granted, they are threatening to disappear. Cocoa and Vanilla are screaming loud: WE ARE HIGH MAINTENANCE. If the public won’t respect that, they’ll die off.

When both are authentic, they share the most amazing love: Sweet, complementary, balanced. 

Support Authentic Love. 

Support Cocoa and Vanilla. 

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