Is it really chocolate?

White chocolate is made of cocoa butter, sugar, and milk products. You may find more ingredients such as a small amount of emulsifier -soy lecithin- and/or vanilla. Those are fine, but any extra ingredient – especially with unpronounceable names – might not be so good for you. White chocolate is often demonized as the unhealthiest form of chocolate. Besides, its flavor profile is not as diverse as dark chocolate thus it is usually neglected by chocolate connoisseurs. Do not let the hate prevent white chocolate from winning over your heart.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients: 

Cacao beans are going through a series of processing steps to develop its flavor profile. The beans then become nibs which are ground into cocoa liquor, also called cocoa mass. To obtain cocoa butter, the cocoa liquor is exposed to high pressure. The other component extracted is cocoa powder, used to make dark and milk chocolate.   

Cocoa butter and cocoa powder contain flavanols. A regular consumption of flavanols can support healthy cognitive functions with age. White chocolate reports a lower content of flavanols than milk or dark chocolate. Its theobromine and caffeine content, two alkaloids with stimulant effects, is also lower. White chocolate is an attractive alternative to those avoiding alkaloids for dietary reasons. 

High quality white chocolate is a healthy food, but most importantly it is delicious. The cocoa butter features subtle floral and vanilla flavors. The texture will melt to offer you a creamy and sweet experience. 

White chocolate can be vegan if the milk used in the recipe is plant based.

The white chocolate used at Rosie’s confections comes from the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Fechlin. They source their chocolate in an ethical and sustainable manner, which aligns with our values. It is important to support ethical practices to ensure the future of the chocolate industry. The price may be higher, but it is a slight difference when we consider the impact it has on the other side of the supply chain. Be a mindful consumer and buy direct trade! 

Check out Rosie’s confections made with white chocolate in the shop!

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