The world of cannabis and CBD is ever-changing. As it continues to grow, people all over the United States are trying their hand at CBD-related business.

But Rosie’s Confections is so much more than that. By pairing luxury confectionaries with CBD, Rosie’s aims to not just offer clients a delicious treat, or present a trustworthy hookup for CBD. Instead, Rosie’s was founded with the goal of combining those two goals.

I sat down with Chef Emma this week and asked her to give us some insight on her dream and what goes on behind the scenes at Rosie’s Confections. Read on to find out more.

How did you get involved with CBD?

My dad and I ventured into the cannabis industry back in 2018, with the desire to be part of the amazing revolution that was taking place, de-stigmatizing the incredible healing plant; cannabis. With THC not being legal in Vermont yet, we sought to participate in whatever way we could to bring healing and wellness in people’s lives with the other amazing components of the plant; mainly CBD.

The adventure we embarked on was a life-changing and beautiful one, and I knew then that not only was business one of my callings, but so was cannabis. Since then, the road to starting this business has been a bumpy ride with lots of twists and turns.

But through all the error and trials, I am here today, and I cannot think of a place I’d rather be than Vermont, doing anything other than the work I do today. The blessings are huge, and I only hope that through my work I can give the magnitude of good I have received, back into the world. I truly believe CBD and cannabis will change lives, and that it’s businesses’ jobs to make sure we do things right. 

How has CBD affected your life?

Thanks to CBD, I am the most zen chocolatier in Vermont.  Through personal use, people’s testimonials, and studies made on this healing cannabinoid, I have become a total believer in the benefits of CBD. Living it, breathing it, and working towards a better future FOR it has given me a sense of purpose and it brings me so much joy and satisfaction.

Chef Emma, hard at work in the kitchen.

What has been your favorite experience since working with CBD?

I definitely love seeing the dream come together. The team we have been able to build is truly amazing and the passion each one of us has is inspiring to say the least. The creativity and drive I am able to channel through my work in the kitchen has been super satisfying too!

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of Rosie’s Confections?

I aspire to make Rosie’s Confection a source of trusted quality products, and lead the way by example in how a sustainable, honest, and game changing business should look like and run. I want to scale up so that Rosie’s impact on both the cannabis and chocolate industries is significant, and makes the world a better place with an even brighter future!

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