August 2nd-8th is National Farmer’s Market Week!

Did you meet us at the Burlington Farmer‘s Market? You’re not alone. The BFM is our home turf — and our favorite place in the whole world.

Farmer‘s markets bring people together, even when they’re six feet apart. At this time when we are more concerned than ever about the number of hands touching our food before it gets to our plates, farmer‘s markets are offering homegrown, Vermont-local salvation.

Thanks to FMC and the Vermont Farmers Market Association (@vtfmaofficial) via NOFA-VT (@nofavermont) for the resources and support they provided as we prepared for our 40th summer season amidst COVID-19. 

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From Chef Emma

Rosie’s Confections opened its (virtual) doors on April 1st, just a few months into the global COVID-19 pandemic. Between the social distancing and the shut down of all brick and mortar stores, we had to rely on the internet, and social media to make any sales. In short, our company was born right in the midst of change, and from the start, we have been using best-practices in all our operations to ensure our customers’ safety. 
During our first few months of business, we were able to ship chocolates to customers in numerous states across the USA, providing relief to dozens of isolated and anxious people. The feedback was amazing, but our reach was limited. Fresh confections is somewhat of a new concept in North America, and the best method of selling this fresh and delicious product is direct to the customer.
Participating as a vendor at the farmer‘s markets allowed us to do just this. 
In a time where that may have otherwise been quite improbable, the blessing is HUGE. We have been able to connect with customers on a real level, cultivating relationships with people who also care deeply about sustainability, wholesome foods, and de-stigmatizing the amazing cannabis plant.

We’ll be back at the BFM this weekend this Saturday, 08/08 from 9AM-1PM.

345 Pine Street, Burlington, VT, 05401

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