Do you love chocolate? Do you, like me, suspect that the world wouldn’t survive very long without it?

Personally, I have made chocolate a such an integral part of my life that I just don’t know where I would be without it today.

Milk Couverture coins by Felchlin

I’ve worked in the confections industry my entire life. Growing up I learned how to cook gourmet meals for groups of 30+ as part of helping out our family business. Sweets and pastries was always my favorite part, and working from home gave me a lot of freedom to learn, try new things, and ultimately master the art of baking.

Throughout college I worked as the assistant chef in a small French bakery in my neighborhood. Although I was not studying culinary arts (I pursued a major in Music Studies and minor in Business), I got to expand my repertoire, learn the ins and outs of a commercial kitchen setting and gain important knowledge of the industry.

A few years later I started to dabble in confectionary making. Chocolate opened up a whole new world of art I had never really considered before, and I fell in love with it. Since then I have taught myself how to make high end confections and attended a few masterclasses by renown chefs in the industry. I have a deep passion for the traditions of chocolate making. Chocolate has such a rich history and is such a complex food. It is one the most delightful delicacies we get to enjoy today.

Although the world could indeed survive without it, I love chocolate too much to admit that it would.

Chocolates by Rosie’s Confections

I truly fell in love with chocolate the first time I tasted real quality confections from Switzerland and Belgium. Despite how complex it is to make this amazing food, from the cocoa tree to the chocolate bar, it is clear that chocolate makes the world go ‘round, and makes life just a little bit more bearable and joyful in hard times! Almost everyone loves chocolate and for me there’s no better feeling than making someone happy when they eat something I’ve put my heart and soul into creating.” 

– Emma Rose

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